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[New Version] How long does it take to obtain a divorce in Texas?

Texas has set a 60 day period for waiting, “cooling off” based on the concept that marriage and families are very important to the core of our society. We must make sure someone didn’t just get mad, do something rash, or not think it all through. As a result, you cannot obtain a final divorce, that meaining have a Judge sign a Final Decree of Divorce unless 60 days has expired from the day the Original Petition for Divorce was filed at the courthouse.

Now, just so you don’t plan on such a fast resolution, in my over 35 years of Family Law, even those cases that were believed to be  “agreed”, only about 5 were fully completed within 60- 65 days. Why, because even when both parties think they have agreed, something happens, someone gets mad, a new issue arises or one party just decides they aren’t quite ready. Each divorce has a life of its own. They require one or both to traverse through most stages one must process after a death of a loved one.  Think about it, a divorce is the end of something that was very important to each party at some point. The realization that special something is really going to be over, probably forever, is difficult.

We have the ability to help you process your feelings in a way that prepares you for this journey to help you come out the other side fully prepared to move forward positively.

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