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When you’re going through a divorce, you need a lawyer who understands your concerns. At Luce Law Firm, Buddy Luce is the only lawyer in Southlake with dual certifications in both Family Law and Civil Trial Law. Buddy Luce and his team consider Family Law one of the most rewarding areas in which to practice. Mr. Luce’s 37 years of training and experience affords his clients the benefit of strategic thinking combined with practical suggestions to insure you come out on the other side with the best relationship with your kids and if possible, the other partner. The firm works collaboratively and amicably but if necessary, is willing and able to prepare and litigate with the best in the area. We are dedicated to protecting your rights. Our team will work closely with you throughout the process to achieve an outcome that favors your interests. The goal is for you to resume life with the most assets. involvement with your children and the highest level of integrity. Buddy Luce has earned a strong reputation in the community for both compassionate and relentless representation.

Legal guidance as you seek a divorce

  • Using a Board Certified Lawyer is a wise decision.
  • Take your lawyers advice, it is why you pay them.
  • Take the high road, even when it is hard.
  • Walk away from heated arguments and conflict.
  • Do not enter private negotiations or sign anything; listen and then discuss with your lawyer.
  • Avoid all disparaging comments about your spouse around children.

Going through divorce is a difficult process, even if you and your former spouse are able to maintain an amicable relationship. It’s important to work with a highly qualified, respected and experienced divorce lawyer, especially related to dividing your marital assets and protecting the best interests of your kids.

Working through tough child custody, visitation and support issues

Texas law refers to child custody as “conservatorship.” There are two main types of conservatorship in our state:

Joint managing conservatorship (JMC): The presumption in Texas is that, whenever possible, both parents should be named joint managing conservators of their children. However, even if both have this right, the court generally awards only one with the right to determine the primary residence and domicile. The court and the parties can also restrict the child’s residence to even a small area, like a particular school district or specific geographic area. The other customary rights and duties of a parent are then allocated and shared by each parent. A JMC arrangement also does not usually involve both parents spending equal amounts of time with their kids. A Standard Possession Order is also presumed to be in the best interest of the child(ren).  However your Board Certified Attorney can ensure the possession schedule is tailored for your individual situation, needs and to provide maximum contact and involvement with your child(ren).

Sole managing conservatorship (SMC): In this limited situation, only one parent has the right to make child-related decisions, such as primary residency, school activities, and medical and dental treatment. This is typically the case when one parent has a history of abuse, family violence or is otherwise deemed unfit to have regular contact with children.
If you have kids together, you and your former partner will need to establish a child support amount and responsibility. The amount one parent owes the other depends on income levels and a specific “guideline child support” chart which establishes presumptive guidelines for the amount owed, up to a certain level of income. The Family Code also allows for deviations based on a laundry list of factors. Buddy Luce and the team at Luce Law Firm will ensure the child support arrangement is what it needs to be yet fair.

Consult a Board Certified family lawyer

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